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When Your Boss is a Low Performer
September 11, 2008, 4:55 PM
Filed under: Hands-On Management

It’s tough enough to confront someone we supervise about job performance issues, but taking on the boss may seem impossible. Quint Studer of the Studer Group offers some great advice to any of us who may be working for a boss that is a low performer.

  •  Take a look at yourself first – Make sure that you’re doing all that you can to achieve the desired results in your department. Find ways to take things off your bosses’ desk. It always starts at home!
  • Identify what you boss does that is helpful – Focus on the positive first. Recognized this behavior when you see it by thanks and encouragement.
  • Confront the problem – Studer recommends a “support-confront-support” technique which combines what is working well, with your perception of what is not.
  • Move to “DESK” – This is a method of confronting the problem which includes Describe: the actions you don’t like, Evaluate: how you feel or how the behavior fits with the company’s goals, Show: with suggestions of how you boss could act, and Know: describing what will happen if a change doesn’t take place.
  • Get support when you need it – If necessary, reach out to the system your organization has in place for problems that have gone to far. 

Studer provides more details about this topic and many others in his book Results That Last, and on his article website . You can also hear Quint speak to these topics and answer participant questions at Soundview’s upcoming audio conference entitled Results That Last on September 23rd




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