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Not Your Father’s Business Book
September 12, 2008, 10:30 AM
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Business is tough all over, but the publishing world has been hit especially hard in recent years. The news is filled with publisher consolidations and acquisitions, and major newspapers continue to shrink and revamp their formats to cut costs. Book publishing is no exception.

Because of this, book publishers and authors are becoming much more innovative in their methods to capture the attention of more readers. Here are just a few examples of recent innovations we’ve noticed in the business book field:

Seth Godin – With the publication of his latest book coming up in October, Godin has found a novel way to increase book sales while demonstrating the key concept of the book. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us introduces the concept that people tend to be drawn to a tribe: “a group of people aligned around an idea, connected to a leader and to each other.” So to drum up interest in this concept and the book, he invited marketers to join his tribe. The cost of admission: electronic proof of an advance purchase of the book. He sells books and these “first to join” marketers enjoy access to Seth and other innovative marketers.

Marcus Buckingham – In his latest book The Truth About You: The Secret to Success, Buckingham brings his “strength” message to those who are new to business or who are trying to ramp up their career. But instead of providing the same old hardcover format, Buckingham spices it up with a multi-media kit including a hardcover book with exercises, a DVD with videos, and a ReMemo Pad for journaling your progress. These innovations bring more value to the purchase and provide more applications to the readers.

Jim Champy – Champy has published a new book entitled Outsmart!: How to Do What Your Competitors Can’t. In this book Champy gives case studies showing how a company can grow by outsmarting the competition, sometimes in counterintuitive ways. Champy is working with Amazon to outsmart his competition by providing additional content right on his Amazon product page. This includes an audio interview, a video and several podcasts.

With these and other ideas floating into the marketplace, it may no longer be enough to just write a good book. Today’s consumers may be learning to crave an entire experience. 


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