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Get the Ball Rolling
October 6, 2008, 12:42 PM
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Perhaps as a child you stood at the edge of a gravel bank, dropped a stone at the top, and watched with excitement as it tumbled down, building up speed and taking with it more stones, gravel and sand to create a loud crashing noise. Or you may have watched a nature show in which a snow ledge near the top of a mountain suddenly let go, creating a massive sliding cascade of snow and debris falling in a thunderous avalanche.


We call it momentum. Once something really gets rolling it’s hard to slow it down. But how does this apply to business? J.C. Larreche, a professor at INSEAD, just released a book entitled The Momentum Effect: How to Ignite Exceptional Growth. In this book Larreche provides the theory, principles and tools for any company to build a momentum machine, bringing with it sustained organic growth.


Although his presentation may seem complex, the concept is straightforward: To provide sustainable momentum to your company, you need to know your customers, develop products that have compelling value, create an offer that resonates with their needs, and provide a continuous process which keeps the value strong and the offer compelling.


But certainly such a program is easier said than done. So Larreche also provides a set of tools to help companies evaluate their current customer value and equity, steps to designing a power offer, and ways to look at customer groups. And perhaps the greatest tool of all is the Momentum website. Here many of the concepts are explained, but more importantly, Larreche has constructed a network through which momentum leaders can interact and compare notes.


Perhaps the concepts and tools that Larreche provides will help you to start your own growth avalanche.


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