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Getting Business Books Into Employee Hands
October 14, 2008, 5:22 PM
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One of the challenges for managers and owners is getting their employees to keep up on the latest business thinking. While there is value in magazine and newspaper articles and Web site coverage, key content is still contained only in business books. So how do you get your employees to read the books?

Some of the top online learning and training services are now including digital books and book summaries in their content libraries to deal with this issue. In this way, companies can integrate business book content into their online training programs. In addition, employees have easy access to a searchable library of books for issues that may come up in their daily work.

One of the top online learning companies is SkillSoft. SkillSoft began in Ireland in 1989 and has grown through the acquisition of Smartforce in 2002 and NETg in 2007. They have a carefully thought out and detailed instructional philosophy  and provide an extensive list of courses and accreditation. Several years ago SkillSoft brought book content into their program through the acquisition of Books 24X7, which includes several digital book libraries, whitepaper archives from top business leaders, and book summaries from Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

A smaller player in the online learning realm is elementK.   elementK has been through many purchases and acquisitions, beginning as Logical Operations in 1982, acquired by Ziff-Davis in 1991, picked up again in 2000 by U.S. Equity Partners and renamed elementK, and most recently becoming part of India’s NIIT Ltd family of businesses. They offer a similar list of courses and advantages as SkillSoft and provide book reviews from GetAbstract. Though their digital book library isn’t quite as expansive as Books 24X7, they do provide technical ebooks from Sams, Safari/OReilly, Microsoft Press and Macromedia Press.

For those companies that don’t need a full online learning solution, Books24X7 and Safari offer separate products that can be purchased on a “module” basis. In addition, Soundview Executive Book Summaries offers a summary-only solution through our Corporate Program, as do some of our competitors.

While different solutions may best fit different companies, all leaders should consider how to get business book content into the hands of their people. New ideas and fresh perspectives tend to spark new ways of thinking about the way we do business, helping to break through old habits and lead to innovation.


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