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Barack Obama: Good for Book Sales
November 7, 2008, 6:00 AM
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Books have always been a part of the political process, and this election cycle has been no exception. Each of the four presidential and vice-presidential candidates has a book out in the marketplace to help people learn more about their story. But Barack Obama has been especially successful in this regard.


His first book was published in 1990 and reprinted after his famous 2004 convention speech. Dreams from My Father is currently at #10 on Amazon and has netted Obama over $1 million in royalties. He also slipped under the legal wire by signing for two more books between his election to the Senate and his swearing in, to collect another $1.5 to $2 million upfront for The Audacity of Hope, currently at #1 on Amazon.


In addition, Obama has used paperbacks to get his message out, including Change We Can Believe In and Barack Obama in His Own Words. He has also carried other writers’ books on his coattails, such as Obama’s Challenge by Robert Kuttner, a book about America’s economic crisis and what Obama will need to do to get us out of it; Say It Like Obama by Shel Leanne, which looks at the Senator’s powerful public speaking skills; and Obamanomics by John Talbott, which looks at the bottom-up versus trickle-down economic model that Obama is promoting.


Even Obama’s opponents are doing well with books that use his name. David Freddoso published The Case Against Barack Obama, which is currently at #258 at Amazon, while Fleeced by Dick Morris and Eileen Mcgann is at #63.


It’s encouraging to see that even in this Internet age, books still have a place in our political dialogue, even if some of that conversation has moved to YouTube and Saturday Night Live!


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