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Traditional Media Gets Social
November 18, 2008, 4:02 PM
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According to an article on MinOnline, and have settled onto the social network bandwagon.’s offering is TimesPeople, allows users to recommend articles, view what others are recommending, as well as share their own user generated content (USG) such as slideshows, blogs, comments, articles, videos, etc. Anyone who is a registered member of is able to become a member of the social site—or “community” as its called—and individuals are able to “opt out of sharing [their] activities with the TimesPeople community at any time.” Pretty standard stuff.’s offering is Business Exchange. When going to the site, I find almost the same banner ad at the top of the page for Cisco that was on the TimesPeople site. Their site layouts are also similar with plenty of whitespace and a clean design—a blessing for those of us who ventured into Myspace and were driven out by the screaming colors, flashing gifs, and seemingly-hidden profile music that is almost impossible to find and turn off without first being blasted away by the first few bars of some current pop tune (trust me, I have witnessed this firsthand).


I find both sites are worth a little further exploration, and according to the MinOnline article, the sites are “designed to engage readers on topics that may not necessarily be explored at length on the parent site. So far, the experiments for both have been succeeding; yet they are still very much a work in progress.”


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