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What Do You Dream About?
December 19, 2008, 2:00 PM
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When you’re a kid, you dream about becoming an astronaut, or maybe a rockstar. These might seem like “silly” little kid fantasies, but they’re not. They’re aspirations. And maybe you could have become an astronaut or a rockstar, but I think as children grow up, adults—often parents, teachers, or neighbors—tell them that they need to pick a career that is more practical, like becoming a teacher or a lawyer or an accountant. There’s nothing wrong with suggesting a practical—and sometimes better—career path, but I think at times it can get into the way of letting a child’s dreams come to fruition.


Perhaps John C. Maxwell would agree with me. In March 2009, Maxwell is releasing yet another book titled Put Your Dreams to the Test: 10 Questions that Will Help You See It and Seize It. I have a feeling that any child that tells Dr. Maxwell that she wants to become an astronaut would not be turned away and told to “keep her feet on the ground”; instead I have a feeling he would challenge her to make her dream a reality.


In Put Your Dreams to the Test, Maxwell draws on his 40 years of mentoring experience to guide readers through the 10 questions required of every successful dreamer: the ownership question; the clarity question; the reality question; the passion question; the pathway question; the people question; the cost question; the tenacity question; the fulfillment question; and the significance question.


Maxwell sets out to help readers discover how they can achieve their dreams; maybe it’s a little too late for you to become a rockstar, but I’m sure there are a few other dreams you will still be able to achieve.


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