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BusinessWeek is All A’Tweet
December 26, 2008, 2:02 PM
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On Dec. 12, editor John Byrne posted a list of all the magazine’s staffers who have a Twitter feed.


Byrne writes: “As part of our effort to deeply engage our readers, a good many of us at BusinessWeek have been having great success and fun with Twitter, the hot micro-blogging site that allows users to blog in 140 characters or less. Two months ago, in a post entitled Twittering Your Way Into Our Newsroom, I invited readers to follow me and partake in an experiment to bring the outside in and the inside out. Some 2,640 people are now following me. Thousands of others are following the more than 30 journalists at BusinessWeek who are now on Twitter.”


However, it seems that Byrne’s attempt to get more BusinessWeek readers engaged has gone a bit awry … according to a post on Talking Biz News, a number of BW’s staffers are unhappy about the fact that their Twitter feeds have been made widely public—true, Twitter feeds are public, unless you lock your posts so only people you have given access can read. However, now a many of the staffers have begun receiving article pitches—in 140 characters or less—from PR firms, who quickly circulated the list of Twittering BW staff.


Getting readers engaged is a great thing, but perhaps a better idea would have been to create a specific staffer Twitter feed that could be shared and contributed to; I’ve noticed this is a common marketing tactic.


How do you use Twitter?


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