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Stay Focused on Your Strengths
December 30, 2008, 1:16 PM
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I ventured over to Marcus Buckingham’s blog today and after browsing, came across his Dec. 16 entry about the economy and how we can all use this time to take control of our careers and our future.


Of course, Buckingham is well known for his momentum behind the strengths movement, and published his latest book, The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success back in late September with Thomas Nelson. Since then, he has been everywhere from Oprah & Friends to the Dave Ramesy Show.


His post can be deemed inspirational, but more importantly, I think it is practical. He writes: “The word ‘control’ is really the key. In uncertain times, people want to know what they can control. Well, you can’t take charge of the economy on a macro level, can you? You can’t get General Motors on track, or somehow turn consumer confidence around. But you can take charge of yourself. You can make the effort to discover what you really love to do, and then take the steps to build your career around that. If you focus on what you love to do, the money will follow. It can be tough to keep that focus, even if you’re currently employed. You can let yourself get distracted by concerns about your company’s business or potential layoffs. But wallowing in anxiety about what could go wrong is simply counterproductive. Don’t worry about the future; plan for it. Now is the time to double down on your Strengths and figure out ways to volunteer more of yourself, contribute more and make yourself known and indispensable.”


Definitely some words of wisdom that we could all reflect upon. For more information about The Truth About You, check out Buckingham’s interview with BusinessWeek‘s Diane Brady.


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