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Beyond Search Engines
January 26, 2009, 3:54 PM
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Traditionally, in the realm of search engine marketing and advertising, marketers bid on key words, and when an individual performs a search for any of these words using a search engine such as Google, the ad from that marketer appears somewhere near the results. The location of the ad is either above or beside the search results, depending on what the marketer spent on the bid and the algorithm used by the search engine to determine the relevance of the ad to that search.


However, according to a WSJ article, marketers have begun shaking things up a bit. And I can bet that you may have already noticed some of this happening, especially if you frequent social networking sites.


The article claims that more search have taken place on YouTube than on Yahoo; see for yourself. I did a search on YouTube for “inauguration day,” which gave me a variety of video results on the left hand of the page, ranging from clips of the parade to the white house to Obama escorting former President Bush to his awaiting helicopter. On the right hand side of the Web page displayed “sponsored videos” (also known as video ads), one being from TimeLife for the “Change is Now: The Official Inauguration Collection” CD and DVD. Below the sponsored videos is a link about promoting your video, which walks the interested party through the process.


Think of it this way: If you can produce a good-quality short video about your product, promote it, and get a potential customer to take the 1-2 minutes to watch the video, there’s a good chance you can make a sale. Remember, it’s not enough to know what customers want; you need to know they want it before they want it.


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