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Reason #32 You Should Be on Facebook
January 27, 2009, 3:00 PM
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Your kids are on Facebook — you know you want to keep an eye on them. Your former classmates are on Facebook—you know you want to catch up with them. Your siblings, friends, and neighbors are on Facebook—you know you want to share photos, groups and apps (applications) with them.


Now I have another reason—or perhaps 32 reasons—why you should high tail it over to Facebook and register that user name of HockeyDad72: business Facebook apps. According to the post, these applications “help promote, network, communicate, collaborate and accomplish more with your business.”


Does your company have a blog? Perhaps you should look into the Networked Blogs app. This app appears on your Facebook profile, or can be located in your boxes tab, displays your blog as well as any of the blogs on your blogroll. Networked Blogs is definitely a great application for promoting your blog, as well as your favorites.


Interested in digital business cards? Try GLPrint Business Cards on for size. Another solid promotion app is IEndorse. According to, “Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company. This app allows Facebook denizens to endorse your company or find it via the IEndorse business database.”


These are just three of the 32 various apps you could use to spruce up your company’s Facebook account, as well as utilize to do some promotion legwork. All the apps are fairly easy to set up and operate in a straightforward manner.


As budgets tighten, companies should look into how they can use free social media to connect with colleagues and consumers. Facebook is evolving from a place to post your company’s picnic photos into a place to do business. Don’t miss out.


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