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iPhone Apps Making Money
March 4, 2009, 1:15 PM
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Back in June of 2008, investment banker Piper Jaffray predicted that Apple’s App Store could become a $1.2B business in 2009. He based his prediction on careful calculations around the number of iPhone and iTouch users, those that are actively using their device, and the average cost of an app. His conservative number came in at $416M, while his aggressive calculation came in at just over $1.2B.


Although one might think that the changes in the economy would slow this app train down, it will have more effect on new purchases of iPhones than on the sale of apps that average just $10 each (not including free apps). There’s still quite a healthy market for apps, and development doesn’t seem to be slowing any. There are now over 15,000 apps available and the average iPhone user has downloaded at least 15 applications in the past 6 months.


In fact, at 10pm on Jan. 19th, a new app came out just in time to be downloaded by iPhone users to see streaming coverage (Ustream) of the events around Barack Obama’s inauguration. This kind of development is a regular event at the app store with entrepreneurs putting everything they can think of onto the iPhone, riding its tsunami of popularity.


Here are just a few of the great business apps I found while surfing the iTunes app store:

  • Credit Card Terminal – you can actually handle a credit card transaction through $49.99
  • Hey Taxi – finds the closest taxi services so you can make the call. Also rates them on response time. $0.99
  • Rental Cars – finds the closest rental car office and provides a map. $0.99
  • TraveLog – keeps track of your billable vehicles miles. $1.99
  • Smart Dial – allows you to search for a number by typing the name right on the phone-dial keypad. $0.99


And not to be left out, Soundview has just entered the iPhone app market with three mini-collections of leadership book summaries, designed perfectly for the iPhone in text and audio formats. $9.99 each

  • Soundview Leadership Vol. I – Know-How, Get There Early and Leadership Gold.
  • Soundview Leadership Vol. II – The 360 Degree Leader, Crisis Leadership Now and True North.
  • Soundview Leadership Vol. III – Why Great Leaders Don’t Take Yes for an Answer, A Leader’s Legacy and The Leader of the Future II.

 Let us know about some of your favorite apps!


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