Soundview Executive Book Summaries

No End In Sight?

I’d like to think that everyone has had enough of hearing about the depths to which our economy has sunk. But media coverage and even our own subscribers are proving me to be an optimist. (No one is more surprised than me.) In all seriousness, the recent report of more than 740,000 jobs  cut in the month of March has even the most optimistic of individuals looking over his or her shoulder.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), the company that produced the labor index, serves more than 500,000 companies. The article above points out that ADP provides services in the areas of payroll and HR to one out of every six workers in the United States. Out of pure curiosity, I checked out ADP’s site to see if any of their employees were among the 128,000 whose jobs were cut by large businesses (more than 500 employees). Fortunately for them, the tide appears to be slow but steady in a positive direction. See, I told you I was an optimist!

However, it would be remiss of us not to address the harrowing employment situation in our summaries. Early in March, I wrote about Ram Charan’s new book Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty. I’m pleased to report that we will be covering Charan’s book in an upcoming Soundview Executive Book Summaries package.

It’s our hope that Charan’s book will serve as a guide to leaders who are facing an increasingly nervy work force, as well as the peering eyes of upper management. Despite hardship, these are the times when motivation and morale are most needed to carry companies through the darkness and into the light.

If you can’t wait for Charan’s summary to debut, we’d recommend you take a look at Soundview’s Survive and Thrive collection.



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