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A Mountain of Questions

I hope all of our subscribers enjoyed theSoundview Live event on Monday with Chris Warner and Don Schmincke, co-authors of High Altitude Leadership. After listening to Chris discuss his various expeditions, I decided to check out some of his footage from the K2 trip. In a word, WOW! Check it out for yourself  here.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one taken with Chris and Don’s message. The response from the audience was overwhelming. You flooded us with questions for the authors and we didn’t have time to get to every person’s point. We’ve received many e-mails asking when the questions will be answered. As you know, being an executive comes with a heavy burden on one’s time. Chris and Don are no exception. In fact, I spoke with our moderator for the Soundview Live event, and he said that Don literally concluded the interview, shook hands with everyone, then dashed to the airport to narrowly make a flight to Toronto. Of course, he did it all with a smile on his face, and we’re grateful to him.

With that in mind, the authors agreed to attempt to answer your questions in a timely manner. They ask (as do we) that everyone be patient. If you asked a question during the course of the event on Monday, we will do our best to make sure that it is answered. Answers will be posted on Stay tuned to this blog, and I’ll let you know when the first set of answers becomes available. Soundview Live is a truly interactive event and its success is largely dependent on how well author and audience collaborate. I think this expedition certainly reached its summit.

While we’re on the subject of keeping customers happy, we’ve received a few requests for more information about customer retention. As a result, we’ve put together a new collection of summaries to help with this process. These 10 essential titles will help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to retaining your key customers. Check out the Keep the Customer Collection today!


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