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Treating the Symptoms

Health care is on everyone’s mind right now. A quick scan of today’s headlines tells you all you need to know. The American system of health care draws its share of bullets, both domestically and (especially) internationally. Yet there are hundreds of individuals who have made it their goal to help the public become aware of ways to fix what’s wrong. An informed populous can in turn influence its leaders, but with so many lives and so many dollars at stake, the right moves must be made. Maybe this is why so little has been done.

Fortunately, into this breach steps author Clayton Christensen and physician Jason Hwang. They collaborated, along with the late Jerome Grossman, MD on The Innovator’s Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care. This book is a comprehensive solution plan to enact needed change in the health care industry. The authors leave no stone unturned when addressing a variety of targets: hospitals, prescription plans, medical schools, even patients. Each subject area is given careful analysis and the solutions provided should probably line any Congressional legislation relating to health care. It’s a unique book from a set of authors whose passion for the subject matter is matched by their intensity in providing answers while others only offer complaints.

The best part? This summary is on its way to subscribers in the June edition of Soundview Executive Book Summaries. And now if you’ll indulge my secret dream to appear in an infomercial, “But wait, there’s more!” In the month of June, we’ll be featuring audio of an exclusive interview with Dr. Jason Hwang on I got the chance to listen to a preview and I came away with a new appreciation for how great an impact The Innovator’s Prescription could have on health care. Dr. Hwang is fascinating! While you’re counting the days until it debuts, take a moment to check out his blog.

If any of the authors’ suggestions come to fruition, it should certainly take some of the sting out of your next check-up … that is, unless it’s time for an injection of some sort.


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