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The Long, Slow Road to Recovery

Feel free to come out from under your beds, folks. Happy days are here again.


Perhaps the people at the above media outlet should check some of the 240+ comments that were logged in the aftermath of this report hitting the airwaves. I’d tell you to check it out as well, but trust me, there are far more productive ways to spend your time. You have to cut through a lot of vitriolic remarks concerning both our current and previous president to get to statements of any relevance. The comments that did discuss the economy seemed to confirm that the public is not ready to accept that all is well from sea to shining sea.

Judging by the reports we receive from various publishers, the public’s desire for books relating to the current economic situation has not decreased. It’s gotten to the point where even individuals in specific fields are looking to address how to ride out the storm in their industries. Some may view this as opportunistic, but the market for this type of information is proving to be larger than anticipated.

We’ve answered this response ourselves in recent times. Visit to see our Survive and Thrive Collection, one of several products we’re currently featuring that are the result of reader demand. We’re committed to providing the most relevant advice from the top business minds.

While nothing would please us more than to remove these items due to lack of need, we’re prepared to continue the flow of information for the duration of the recession. Don’t believe the hype. The road to recovery is long, but we’re with you every step of the way.


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