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Despite the calendar telling us otherwise, the month of May signals the start of summer for people in many parts of the U.S. It also marks the start of a different season, one that involves caps, gowns and the emptying of dormitories and apartments everywhere. For students, this is a time of farewells coupled with new beginnings. For parents, it can be a time of new anxieties as children enter another new phase of their lives. This year, though, don’t be surprised if you find claw marks on the walls of the dorms as students try to avoid marching headlong into a less-than-friendly job market.

The amazing thing is that this group of future leaders and executives are probably more prepared, at least, from a technological standpoint, for working than any previous generation. They’ve been plugged in and over-scheduled since birth. What’s amusing are the things they don’t know. Every year since 1997, Beloit College in Wisconsin produces its “Mindset List.” This list helps to remind college professors that their incoming students may be unaware of facts that our generation (and previous ones) takes for granted.  Here are a few of my favorites for the Class of 2009 (born, on average, in 1987):

  • Voice mail has always been available.
  • Bill Gates has always been worth at least $1 billion.
  • Halogen lights have always been available (with a warning)

The complete list is located here. There are a few other items that I felt should have been included in the list. For example,  the Class of 2009  has virtually no memory of a Soviet Union or a divided Germany. The Macintosh computer is older than this group. To these folks, a bank teller is the person they are forced to speak with if the ATM is broken.

After reading this list, I sincerely hope I haven’t depressed anyone with these revelations. But then again, you and I aren’t the ones staring down the most cutthroat job market in decades, are we? To help them along, why not give your graduates a gift subscription to Soundview Executive Book Summaries? At a price of only $79, you can save 34%!  This offer is for the online subscription, something this green-conscious and tech-savvy generation will appreciate.

Plus, as a special bonus gift, they’ll receive the Cutter &  Buck American classic leather coffee tumbler for their morning coffee. Considering that a certain coffee retailer began overrunning cities with its green awnings the year they were born, these kids have grown up caffeinated. Your graduates will receive an email announcing your gift along with your personal message, and the coffee mug will be sent to them by mail.

Click here to give your grad an extra boost of concentrated knowledge!


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