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Everyone Loves a Reunion

If there’s one thing I can say about our subscribers, it’s that they’re vocal about the authors they enjoy. Fortunately for us, you folks have great taste! It’s not easy to pick the 30 best business books each year. Take a look at the books that made the cut in 2008, for example. With such high standards and such a small window of opportunity, you’d think that being selected once would be an odds-defying task.

Well, as our July 2009 edition indicates, some authors make such a connection with us and with you that we’d be foolish not to select their newest works. I won’t lie. We take a very critical look at books from authors whose work we’ve previously featured. Part of our job is to ensure that subscribers get the most complete picture of the latest in business strategy and philosophy. However, there are certain authors who impress us time and again with their ability to capture the moment in today’s business climate while always keeping an eye on the future.

Ram Charan is one such author. We’re featuring a summary of his book Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertaintyin our July issue. Charan is something of a force of nature. He’s a prolific author and collaborator whose work covers a variety of business subjects. Click here to see the volume of great insight he’s provided over the years.

Also included in our July package is The Power Presenterby Jerry Weissman. Weissman is another author whose works previously made our 30 best. His popularity continues to register with our readers. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s the presentation coach for Microsoft. Not a bad name to have on one’s resume, right?

Our July package concludes with The Three Laws of Performanceby Dave Logan and Steve Zaffron. This is the first book from this pair of authors that was selected for summary. Once you delve into what makes the three laws tick, I think you’ll quickly see why it was an easy choice for us … if such a thing is possible.

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