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Adversity Coming This Way

Did the title of this post grab your attention? Don’t worry, I’m not here with any doom-and-gloom news to darken your day. Actually, this post started out after I visited the folks at USA Book News to check out some business book info.  In the midst of the various books about creating personal wealth or managing one’s finances, I saw a short review of J. Barry Griswell and Bob Jennings’ book The Adversity Paradox.

We read story after story in the news about the problems that plague businesses right now. What’s great about Griswell and Jennings’ work is that it helps readers to shoulder the load of adversity and cast it aside, rather than being drowned by it. Both Griswell and Jennings have experienced a good degree of adversity in their own lives. However, both triumphed, and through a process that was full of trial and error, as well as determination, they’ve culminated their experiences in a book that is rich in lessons.

The Adversity Paradox offers great examples that, as the authors point out, are not meant to be magic bullets. One of the things I respected most about the book when I read it is the lack of sugarcoating. Overcoming adversity is difficult work, and there are times when a project may not work out. I loved the fact that the authors are adamant about avoiding the victim mentality and acknowledging one’s personal responsibility for success. This is a book that does not apologize for its forthrightness. It doesn’t need to do so.

The good news is that we’ll be summarizing this book in the August edition of  Soundview Executive Book Summaries. What’s more, subscribers will have access to an exclusive audio interview with Griswell and Jennings. If you’re not a subscriber yet, this is a great time to come on board!


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