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Taking the Temperature on Climate Change

As I sit here in the suburbs of Philadelphia, the temperature is in the mid-80s and we’ve got our usual dose of heavy humidity to start the summer. Meanwhile, a couple hours to our south, the temperature on Capitol Hill is starting to heat up … and global warming is only part of the reason.

While the House of Representatives works on a bill concerning climate change, the debate will swing back and forth over the details of the “cap and trade” concept. I’m not here to comment on the bill itself, but it raises the point that we will likely see more business books in the coming year that deal with the impact of environmental regulation on business. However, there are books that are currently available that take a proactive examination of climate change and sustainability.

One of my favorites is The Necessary Revolutionby Peter Senge, Sara Schley, Nina Kruschwitz, Bryan Smith and Joe Laur. We featured this book in our September 2008 edition, and it was instantly popular with our readers. What’s even more pleasing is that this book’s concepts have only grown in relevance over the last 12 months. Businesses will likely be on the receiving end of the responsibility that is doled out by government legislation. However, they also have a great opportunity to be leaders in changing the way individuals approach the issue of climate change. Sometimes the masses need a bit of a nudge, other times, the consumer is the one to do the nudging. Fortunately, this book covers the bases and more with innovative strategies to help companies solve environmental problems while still maintaining profitability.

Visit us at to get your copy of  The Necessary Revolution. It might just help you prepare for “cap and trade,” if Congress can ever agree on anything.


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