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Alerting You to The Shift

I’ve received a few questions recently about our FREE e-newsletter Soundview Executive Book Alert. Actually, one of them made me chuckle because it said, “Are these books we should avoid? Is that why it’s called an alert?” This poor reader must perpetually see the glass as half empty, but I hope I can make him feel better with a proper explanation.

In point of fact, Soundview Executive Book Alert is intended to give anyone who signs up a quick look at a book that is either about to break through on the business publishing horizon or one that may have escaped a less discerning editorial staff. I’m fortunate that our editorial team keeps a very watchful eye on the happenings in the business book arena. We’ve uncovered a few gems during the past six years of writing Soundview Executive Book Alert.

This month, Soundview Executive Book Alert gives you a closer look at Scott M. Davis’ new release The Shift. We covered this book because we count a good number of Chief Marketing Officers among our subscriber base. If you’re in marketing, The Shift is a book that deserves your attention. Davis describes five shifts that need to occur to help a marketing department become part of the movement for pervasive innovation. When one considers that marketing sits in the enviable position of having access to both the people producing the product and the people buying the product, Davis’ ideas could help CMOs propel their careers to a new high point.

If you’re interested in receiving Soundview Executive Book Alert, visit us online at and click on the tab for “Free E-Newsletters” on our front page. Join the thousands of monthly readers who enjoy that extra bit of insider knowledge. And best of all, it’s FREE!


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