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Anti Social Media, Anyone?

I have a soft spot for USA Today. I know that as editor-in-chief of a business publication, I’m supposed to peer down my nose at the much-maligned “McPaper,” but let’s be honest, folks … If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel and found a copy under your door when you wake up, did you just leave it on the ground? Of course not!

So, when I spotted this article from USA Todayonline, it sparked an interesting conversation here in the editorial department. Business books on social media are flooding the market. Take a look for yourself by clicking here. A personal favorite is Groundswell, a book which we examined in a Featured Book Review last year. This book is notable because it was among the first to give an in-depth look at the impact of Web 2.0. What my colleagues and I were discussing is whether or not people have reached their limit with hearing about social media. Don’t get me wrong, we’re as addicted as everyone else to Twitter, Facebook and other sites. We’re not debating whether people are tired of using social media sites, it’s whether or not they’re tired of reading about them.

Generally speaking, by the time the number of titles about a time-sensitive subject reaches a few dozen, the subject might be wearing thin with readers. This is particularly true about any book that deals with technology. In our “here today, gone later today” world of innovation, book publishers occasionally have trouble keeping up with the pace at which technology changes. We struggle with it ourselves from time to time, and we have the good fortune of being able to publish a monthly product.

 I thought I’d toss this question out to you. Help turn the tide in this week’s great editorial debate. Are you interested in more coverage of books that deal with the business applications of social media? If so, reach out to us via one of our own social media sites. The links are listed above.

Or you can always go the traditional route and send us a comment via our Web site,


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