Soundview Executive Book Summaries

This Network is Our Big News

Wouldn’t it be nice to attend a presentation without having to hear a lot of shouting? Bet you thought that wasn’t possible anymore.

Well, I’ve got good news for everyone today. Soundview isn’t in the business of resolving the country’s health care debate. (Although, if you caught our recent Soundview Live event with Harvard professor and author Clayton M. Christensen, we hope you learned as much as we did!) What we can offer you is the knowledge and experience of some of the top speakers in the areas of leadership, management and success.

How do we manage this feat? The Soundview Author Network!

One aspect of our business of which I’m most proud is the time and effort we put into developing good working relationships with the authors whose books we summarize. Like the authors themselves, we know that the book is only part of the author’s overall message. Our author network keeps you posted on an ever-evolving calendar of events featuring some of our favorite authors. The calendar includes a list of speaking engagements for authors in our network. These are the “shouting free” events I referred to earlier.

But that’s just the beginning! Click on each author in the Soundview Author Network to view the author’s bio, featured Soundview products and multimedia relating to some of the author’s major topics. I spent some time yesterday watching author Patrick Lencioni discuss why teams fail and was very surprised by what he had to say.

The Soundview Author Network is growing all the time and that, I think, is some good news. Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of good news now and again?


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