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The Drill Sergeant of Small Business

Perhaps I’m being a bit harsh by describing the subject of this post as a drill sergeant. Drill sergeants get a bit of a bad rap. They’re men and women with an extremely difficult task. They have to mold and shape a rag-tag band of recruits into a disciplined unit that perfectly executes every maneuver. This requires intensity, tenacity and a devotion to perfection.

When it comes to boosting the current state of small businesses in the U.S., George Cloutier may be the right man to wear the stripes. As you’ll see in this press release from Reuters, Cloutier’s new book is drawing a critical eye from some reviewers. Many of the suggestions he makes will seem a bit harsh to some readers. However, small businesses rely on the dedication and labor of their owners to ensure their success. A small business run with an average amount of effort will remain small. It takes a special amount of drive to create real growth and survive the treacherous competitive waters.

I’m curious to see how the majority of the business book reading public will receive Cloutier’s Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing. Cloutier himself refers to many of his theories as “tough love,” a term that, while receding from society at large, is still quite prevalent in business. Every so often, a book comes along that provides the necessary swing of the boot to the backside of business. I can’t say for certain if Cloutier’s new release is that title, but in light of the U.S. recently marking one calendar year of recession, the timing is certainly right for such a book.

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