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Ferrazzi’s Ferocity Can Help You Create Lifelines

In Soundview’s November 2009 edition, we’re pleased to feature Who’s Got Your Back? from Keith Ferrazzi, author of the classic Never Eat Alone. One of the major reasons we selected Who’s Got Your Back?  for summarization is the book’s unique look at networking. Ferrazzi brings an intensity and sense of drive that echoes through the pages of his book. One of the key insights in the book is Ferrazzi’s discussion of the necessity to form three “lifeline” relationships. The definition of “lifeline” and the method needed to forge these relationships is certain to change a lot of people’s minds about networking.

For subscribers, you’ll be fortunate enough to hear Ferrazzi’s intensity firsthand. We’re featuring an mp3 interview with Ferrazzi in which he goes into further detail about the method to forming lifeline relationships. I was also pleased to hear Ferrazzi’s personal revelations about how many of the elements of the book came from events in his own life. It’s easy to see why, at one point during the conversation, he points out that the people who form his own “lifeline” relationships are the ones who tell him to slow down and not take on too much.

By the time I was done listening to the interview, I was ready to charge out into the world and start cementing the bonds of my strongest relationships. There’s no doubt that he’ll give you the same spark!

If you’re not currently a subscriber, visit us at for more information on how you can receive these FREE interviews with today’s top business authors.


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