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A Push Toward the Top

There are times when I sit down to write this blog that I feel like I’m repeating myself. We touch on a number of topics in our little thrice-weekly conversation but often we return to the news of the day as it ties together the economy and the world of business books. The news, largely, hasn’t been good, but out of this cloud has been a shower of great reads.

Historically, the most trying times often produce works of brilliance. In other instances, a book that under normal circumstances would be considered a solid read takes on greater importance in a time of crisis. With articles such as this piece in The Wall Street Journal indicating that we’re far from regaining a firm economic foothold, even executives find themselves with the occasional bout of nerves.

This is one of the reasons we opted to include Scott Eblin’s The Next Level as a bonus summary in our December package. Differentiation and the ability to display confidence in a turbulent time will continue to be assets of ever-increasing value. Eblin’s book refers to the concept of having a Life GPS (Goals Planning System). When the road ahead looks uncertain, it can be a big asset to be able to forge your own path. I found Eblin’s advice to be a good fit for our current economic climate. Companies won’t exactly be dealing out promotions to any manager with a few years of experience. The new path up the ladder will require a bit of ingenuity and Eblin delivers the frank advice to keep executives at any level driving toward the top. If you’re in need of a boost, I’d recommend checking out our summary of his book.


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