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Amazon’s Burning Sales Start with Kindle-ing

Call me bookish, I don’t mind. When it comes to intellectual stimulation, few things compare with the word on the printed page. Of course, the page isn’t always printed anymore. People are turning to the convenience and portability of digital reading devices. This leads some to wonder if the reading device is to the printed book what the iPod was to the compact disc. Like any technology, the early forays are met with enthusiasm by early adopters and approached with trepidation by the majority of the buying public. Name a technological innovation in the last 25 years (particularly as it applies to leisure activities), and you’re likely to recall people who said, “I’m not buying it until the price comes down.” Somewhere along the line, there is a magical combination of a low price, word-of-mouth marketing and an updated version of the product with its earlier kinks smoothed out. This is the point when the masses reach for their debit cards and join the party. appears to be on the verge of this point with its Kindle device. According to a piece in InformationWeek the online retail giant claims that  the previous month was its best sales month ever, not to mention the device holding the top position in all sales categories. However, as the folks at IW point out, Amazon didn’t exactly release any numbers to support its claims.

What can’t be disputed is the new dominance of digital formats for materials that previously existed only in the realm of print. Granted, I get to see the changes firsthand. All of you new Kindle owners will be happy to know that we’ve got you covered. Soundview offers our executive book summaries in a variety of digital formats, including the Kindle format.


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