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Finally … We Can Get Off the Plane!

Let’s face it, for all the convenience that flying offers us in reducing trips of days into hours, the little annoyances have really piled up over the past 10 years. While we all outwardly agree that we’re satisfied with taking a little more time to ensure our safety and security when we travel, there are some things that (in our inner musings) test our patience. Who hasn’t had to throw out a full cup of coffee or bottle of water before entering the security line? I can’t be the only one who has regretted wearing a pair of shoes that proved a bit too difficult to quickly put back on after I’ve cleared the metal detector.

The worst part is that we run this gauntlet time and again only to take our seat and hear this crackly emission from the faceless voice overhead: “Ah folks, good afternoon from the flight deck … ah … we’re in a bit of a delay here … ah …. we’re grounded at present but ah … we’re hoping things will clear up in (insert city) soon and we’ll be able to be on our way. We’re going to ask that you stay seated with those seatbelts fastened and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to taxi out to the runway. We appreciate your patience.”

The problem is that patience has its limits. Unfortunately in today’s society, those limits appear to be measured in seconds rather than minutes, but the point remains that passengers can only sit on a grounded plane for so long. At long last, the government appears to agree. Check out this article from The New York Times that discusses the possibility of fines for airlines that hold passengers on a grounded aircraft for more than three hours.

The airline industry, apart from Southwest Airlines, seems to constantly be the recipient of bad customer sentiment. The leaders in the industry would do well to consult Leslie Gaines-Ross’s influential book Corporate Reputation: 12 Steps to Safeguarding and Recovering Reputation. Our summary of the book makes for a great read when you have a little time to kill … like when you’re waiting for a flight.


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I checked out your Web site today. Nice site. If you’d like to add Soundview’s blog to your “Our Favorite Links” page that would be fine. Thank you for reading and enjoying our blog!

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