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A Little Free Time
January 22, 2010, 3:56 PM
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I enjoy reading other blogs when I’m not busy writing this one (or reviewing one of the dozens of books that flood our editorial offices on a daily basis). Recently I came across this post on ReadWrite Start, a blog for entrepreneurs. The blogger listed three books that make for good weekend reading for budding entrepreneurs. I was glad to see him mention Guy Kawasaki’s Reality Check. This book continues to be one of the best overall guides to the art of entrepreneurship. Kawasaki is also a straightforward writer with one of the best voices in business books today.

The blogger also mentions Chris Anderson’s FREE: The Future of a Radical Price. Those of you who were lucky enough to check out our recent Soundview Live event with Anderson know why his book’s popularity continues to climb. Some of the brightest entrepreneurs of tomorrow will have businesses based solely online. Understanding the zero price concept will be a key part of their ability to survive.

The blogger asserts that Kawasaki’s book, as well as Anderson’s, are a good way to spend some free time on a weekend. I agree, but between you and I, Soundview has summaries of both books available. We pack the essential information into eight pages, saving you time and maximizing your results. Click the links above to see where you can pick up our summaries of Reality Check and FREE. As for Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, well … maybe someday.


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