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The Need to Accept

I’ve got another sneak peek to share with you fine folks. Before we debut one of our Soundview Live events, we generally like to talk to the author ahead of time to increase our background information on the topic we’ll discuss on event day. Our next Soundview live event features Marshall Goldsmith, an author with whom we’ve had a great history, including previous live events.

The topic of our event will be Goldsmith’s new book Mojo. I was lucky enough to have one of my editorial associates send me his pre-interview with Goldsmith. I can’t share everything the pair discussed, but my colleague asked Goldsmith about which of the four building blocks of mojo he writes about proves most difficult to achieve. Goldsmith’s answer surprised me. Here is what he said:

Acceptance. It’s something that’s not easy for any person to come to grips with. The average American is spending 15 hours per month complaining about management or listening to other people complain about management. This is a huge amount of wasted time. It’s very important to learn to change what you can change and accept what you can’t change. If you can’t change it, make peace with it and get on with life, but don’t waste life whining about what we can’t change or impact.

It’s important to understand that Goldsmith’s first suggestion is to change a bad situation if you can. Change for the better should always be undertaken. However, if you reach an impasse that cannot be overcome, let it go. The longer we dwell on the things we cannot change, the more time we waste that could be spent on better things. How often do we all dwell on something about which we can do very little?

To hear more insights such as this one, please join us this Friday, February 5th at Noon (Eastern) for Soundview Live! Your mojo will thank you!


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