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President’s Day is a good day to consider the qualities of great leaders. We treat today as a celebration of two of the best presidents in the history of the United States. It’s amazing when one considers that one of the key attributes that tends to surface in the average five-word description of both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is honesty. Nearly 150 years after Lincoln first took office honesty continues to be a central tenet of many leadership titles.

And speaking of leadership, Soundview has three new summaries available that are certain to help leaders everywhere keep their organizations running at peak performance:

We begin with Trust Agents by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. This excellent release helps companies use social media to garner more business. Unlike a lot of other books that deal with social media and Web 2.0, Trust Agents differentiates itself in two ways: 1. The authors help businesses communicate in a way that prevents customers from dismissing efforts as “advertising” or “sales talk.” 2. The authors themselves believe in and use each of the methods they describe in the book.

Next, we offer Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times. Information on the subject of handling unpredictable shifts in the business environment continues to be much sought after by our subscribers. Customer interest, combined with our own interest in pursuing the subject led us to summarize this excellent new release from management legend Stephen R. Covey. Co-written with Bob Whitman, the book is an important read for any business that wants to avoid being taken by surprise whenever an economic shift hits.

Finally, I believe this quote from author Henry Mintzberg perfectly sums up our summary of his book Managing: “We should be seeing managers as leaders,” he writes, “and leadership as management practiced well.” The interaction between philosophies on management and leadership continues to play out in many of the books we review at Soundview. Mintzberg’s book is an excellent look into the past and future of management.

Shake off the cold and heat up your business with these great summaries!


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What is the best way to use Web 2,0 to make money online?

Comment by Jim

Interesting that you should ask this question. I’m guessing that you read my preview of our summary of Chris Brogan and Julien Smith’s book Trust Agents. The authors point out that one of the reasons online customers are, as they put it, “cynical, savvy and informed” is due to the abundance of aggressive sales techniques used by companies. A better way to use Web 2.0 is to communicate with your customers rather than overwhelm them with your brand. Here is a link to a Webinar we recently broadcast with Brogan and Smith that’s available for purchase. This 60 minute conversation features some excellent details that might better answer your question. P.S. Soundview subscribers get to listen to these Webinars for free!

Comment by Soundview

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