Soundview Executive Book Summaries

The Search for Consistency

Scan the headlines of your favorite search Web site’s news section, and you may come across an article like this one from MarketWatch, part of The Wall Street Journal‘s digital network. The sudden and dramatic decline of the global economy two years ago left in its wake a new breed of paranoia. There is a hesitance among everyone but select lawmakers to declare any news as good news. We’re well past the point of hearing air raid sirens cranking away on Wall Street and yet, there is a slight hesitation to completely leave the shelters and declare the “all-clear.”

Businesses are locked in the same type of speculation as the general public. No one seems bold enough to declare the economy recovered and any small gains are examined with a certain degree of skepticism. The MarketWatch article is an example of how caution is the new standard.

But consider the possibilities of a business that can break through even cautious times and deliver consistent, excellent results. We’re examining this idea right now in a new summary Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times. Written by one of the leading authorities on leadership, Stephen R. Covey, and co-author Bob Whitman, this book provides executives with lessons in creating sustainable success. The authors carefully craft a formula for repeated achievement, one that involves “simple goals repeatedly revisited, together with clear targets and strong follow-through, including the measurement of results.”

MarketWatch maintains its skepticism that the housing market has completed its turnaround. Fortunately, businesses can lean on Covey and Whitman for a little expert advice to help stay the course in an equally tough marketplace.


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