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Are You Guilty of the Blame Game?

No one enjoys having to go through the process of debriefing a project that failed to meet a deadline or achieve the intended goal. When things go wrong in the workplace, how we handle it can mean the difference between learning from our mistakes and falling into a cycle of disappointment.

For executives the challenge is exploring the issues that caused the project to fail. Managers need to execute the right strategy when it comes to accountability. The danger is to fall victim to the blame game. This occurs when managers hold meetings with employees in the hopes of finding a scapegoat for the project’s problems. The situation can rapidly turn toxic if employees deflect the issues onto one another or back at the manager.

What’s needed in this situation is an environment in which both manager and employee feel comfortable speaking truthfully. Authors Roger Connors and Tom Smith help executives achieve a more positive, principled accountability process in their book How Did That Happen?

If you have yet to read this summary, put it on your must-read list ASAP. It’s one of the few books on accountability that attempts to make the process a positive one for all involved.

I also wanted to remind everyone that one of the book’s authors, Roger Connors, is our next guest on Soundview Live. This Thursday, March 25, at Noon (eastern), we will be sitting down with Roger to discuss accountability and how your organization can avoid spinning its wheels when a project hits the skids. We’re getting a lot of requests for information about this event, so please click the link above or visit us as to learn how you can be a part of the program!


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