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Would You Switch If You Could?

Interesting news for all of you iPhone fans today. I read this article from The Wall Street Journal that reports on AT&T’s preparation to strengthen its network. While not clearly stated, the implication is that the wireless carrier’s efforts are due to a potential revamped iPhone release that would allow the enormously popular device to use rival Verizon’s network. As the article indicates, the new Verizon-friendly iPhone model may not debut by the end of 2010, but the potential shake-up in the wireless carrier community is enough to get AT&T working now.

The companies have been engaged in a clever marketing war for the past several months. Verizon’s “red and blue map” commercials dominate much of prime time television’s ad space. For its part, AT&T has responded with a comparable campaign. The ads feature actor Luke Wilson refuting Verizon’s claims as well as showing the strength of AT&T’s ability to run multiple applications at the same time.The contrasting ads offer a great study for marketing executives looking for positive ways of answering the criticism of a competitor.

Whether or not the release of the new iPhone model will cause thousands of subscribers to switch networks will be an interesting situation to observe. In the meantime, current iPhone users can check out Soundview’s iPhone applications by clicking this link. We’re offering some great collections of “can’t miss” summaries!


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