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How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

If you follow Soundview on Twitter, you’ll know that we regularly feature a segment called E-BookNews. It’s a great resource for fans of the various e-reading devices to stay current on what’s happening with this branch of the technology tree. Along these lines, I decided to contribute my own bit of E-Book info by sharing this article from The Wall Street Journal about the new pricing strategy being (slowly) instituted by book publishers and retailers.

It appears that the bulk of the effort is a response to the upcoming debut of Apple’s iPad device tomorrow. As the Journal‘s article indicates, not every publisher has made the adjustment and not everyone is on-board with Apple’s new “agency” model.

How will this affect the average e-book reader? Allowing publishers to set prices that retailers will be unable to discount means a definite mark-up for some books hitting the market. Whether or not the price increases will draw business away from the larger online retail outlets such as remains to be seen. Consumers tend to have a method for finding the best deal, regardless of the obstacles that initially stand in their way.

On a brighter note for e-book fans, Soundview’s summaries are still available at a great price in eight digital formats: HTML, PDF, LIT, Kindle, Palm, Ebook, Blackberry and MP3.


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Will your summaries be available for the iPad ?
Thank you

Comment by Steve duvoisin

You’re among quite a group who asked this question. Please read our April 7th blog post “You Ask, We Answer” to learn more about Soundview’s availability on the iPad. We’ve got good news and more to come!

Comment by Soundview

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