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With the ever-quickening pace of our world, we figured it would take at least one day for people to ask us questions about Soundview and Apple’s latest device, the iPad. We should have measured our estimated response time in hours. You can see for yourself by reading our post from last Friday. Aside from the blog comment we received, we also were inundated with inquiries from our obviously tech-savvy subscriber base.

Here’s what I can tell you. We’re as excited as everyone else about this new piece of technology. We’re rapidly working to adapt our product to the ePub format required for Apple’s iPad bookstore. The moment we finish testing and go live with our product in the ePub format, I’ll announce it loudly and proudly here on the blog.

However, in the interim, we’re very pleased to report that you can view the PDF versions of Soundview’s summaries on your iPad immediately. We’ve tested it out on our own iPad and wow, our summaries look terrific on that big screen!

If you’re an audio fan, you can also play the MP3 versions of Soundview’s summaries through iTunes on your iPad.

Don’t forget to keep checking this blog for more information about Soundview debuting its ePub version!


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What happened to the partnership with Kiplinger to produce financial book summaries?
I read about it in an issue of Kiplinger magazine.

I’m about to subscribe to the Executive book summary… but I was wondering if this was included in the membership.


Comment by Mike

While Soundview is no longer offering Kiplinger financial book summaries, we do our best to cover the financial titles that most interest our audience. Your subscription will also give you access to exclusive content such as book reviews, interviews with today’s top business authors and free attendance at our Soundview Live events!

Comment by Soundview

How do you view the pdf’s on the ipad for now? I understand that I have to email them to myself.

Comment by Pamela Zastrow

There are 3 ways you can access our summaries using your iPad. You can do any of the following:

1. Visit us at, log-in to your online library and click on the PDF icon of the desired summary. As long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy your Soundview summaries.

2. Email the PDF to yourself and view it.

3. Download the “GoodReader” app from Apple’s App store (at a cost of 99 cents). This application allows documents to be stored locally on your iPad.

If you have any questions, please send me a follow-up message. I think you’ll enjoy our summaries on the iPad. They look terrific!

Comment by Soundview

I’m about to renew my subscription, but wanted to feedback on the epub format versions you currently produce. Of the ones i have, none are with appropriate TOC information. For example as each chapter is summaries, it would be good to be able to click on the Table of Content link within iBooks and see quick links to the chapter view, instead of scrolling though the pages. It just seems to me, that you’ve gone to the effort of only producing half of the epub format file!

Comment by James Palmer

Hi James, thank you for your continued support of Soundview. To answer your question, at the present time, we are unable to use the “jump to” links in our ePub format because there are other e-readers that don’t support this type of linking. One of the challenges of providing an executive book summary product is attempting to comply with each and every new piece of technology that explodes onto the market. Still, we have made great strides in adapting Soundview Executive Book Summaries for a variety of devices (most recently the iPad). We appreciate your feedback and, as is often the case, if a large portion of our audience echoes your comments, we will review our existing epub format.

Comment by Soundview

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