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An Executive Skill You Can’t Ignore

If an executive were given the task of ranking his or her responsibilities on the job in order of enjoyment, mediating disputes between employees would probably fall in the bottom three. However, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, the situation is really one of opportunity. The ability to perform this action with poise, fairness and rational thinking can propel an executive to greatness.

I saw this great column by Cord Cooper at featuring author Harrison Monarth on the subject of conflict resolution. Monarth’s advice about separating the issues and sticking to the point are great reminders for any executive. Emotions run high in conflicts and it’s an executive’s role to reduce the “temperature” in the room and get all sides to focus on facts. The pace at which these interactions occur is a vital element to why they can quickly spiral out of control. The path to a faster resolution actually stems from the arbiter’s ability to slow the situation down.

Monarth provides some great points in this article. Monarth’s work in the area of executive skill-building helped draw our attention in the Soundview Editorial department. He is the author of Executive Presence: The Art of Commanding Respect Like a CEO, a book we summarized in our recent April edition. It’s a great read and is available by clicking this link or visiting us at


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