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Take a Minute and Be Different

The rally of the stock market earlier this week had many commentators cautiously stating that the economy is finally starting to turn around. As the Dow rose above 11,000 for the first time since September 2008, companies across the United States continue to fight for survival. Times of difficulty are the ultimate test for an organization’s ability to adapt. The companies that survive the financial crisis and its lengthy recovery period are unlikely to resemble the same organization from five years ago.

What are the secrets to endurance and adaptability? Some would say that author Roy Osing is the keeper of this hidden knowledge. Osing, a leading senior executive in the Canadian telecommunications industry developed a survival strategy for his businesses that prevented them from suffering from decline and neglect. While the concept of a business cycle is universally accepted, there is nothing in its definition that states that the cycle concludes with the destruction of one business and the rise of another. A company that is capable of, and becomes efficient at, change creates an environment committed to sustaining the business.

Osing shows executives how to create the cutting edge necessary for survival in his book Be Different or Be Dead. For those interested in learning his methods, I’ve got great news! Soundview’s summary of Osing’s book is now available! Visit us at to learn more about this important title. You can also visit for more information on the book.


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