Soundview Executive Book Summaries

May’s Must-Reads Are Now Online!

Whether you’re a Soundview Subscriber or looking to become one, May is going to be a great month. The May summaries are now available online! We’ve got three must-read summaries of books packed with need-to-know business concepts and skills.

First up is Soundview’s summary of Adam L. Penenberg’s book Viral Loop. The growth of a company used to be planned in years. Technology has blessed commerce with the ability to shorten the growth cycle to months … and with dramatic results. Penenberg examines the viral nature of exponential online growth in a book that offers powerful strategies for executives.

Up next is a sequel three decades in the making. Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin’s Repositioning is an in-depth follow-up to a concept Trout briefly mentioned in his 1980 classic Positioning. Trout, the author of the landmark title In Search of the Obvious, brings his no-nonsense take on marketing to the topic of handling the “Three C’s” of business: competition, change and crisis. Readers may be surprised to learn which of the three Trout views as the most important to master.

Finally, we round out Soundview’s May edition with Brian Tracy and his latest release How the Best Leaders Lead. Tracy has an excellent reputation of teaching even the most veteran leaders a few new skills. This summary is no exception, as one of the top management experts of all time reveals critical insights for competing in today’s business landscape. Tracy has a long history with Soundview and it’s great to be able to feature his latest work.

If your schedule has you shouting “May Day!” let Soundview save you time while increasing your knowledge.


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