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What Site Serves Billions Each Day?

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional meander through YouTube? The video hosting site recently celebrated its fifth anniversary and continues to expand its influence in the world of rich media. According to this piece from, YouTube supports more than 2 billion views each day, the equivalent of one out of every three people on Earth. I checked out some of the content available as part of the celebration and enjoyed hearing the about the site’s origins, a topic that’s covered quite a bit in the business books we review at Soundview.

YouTube, purchased by Google in 2006, continues to explore display advertising. As the eWeek article notes, the company has yet to reach the level of dominance enjoyed by Google in keyword search  However, the site has ingrained itself into modern life. The site believes that the average user spends 15 minutes each day on YouTube. Research also indicates that in one minute an average of 24 hours of content is uploaded to the site.

These staggering figures are indicative of the type of growth described by Adam Penenberg in his book Viral Loop, a book recently summarized by Soundview. Penenberg cited YouTube as an example of a Web site that was able to piggyback its growth on the viral loop of another Web site. In the case of YouTube, it became the de facto  video host for users of MySpace. This interesting pairing of sites became a natural fit and launched YouTube into the viral growth Penenberg describes in his book. Five years on, YouTube continues to grow and explore new areas of content.

And you thought it was all just videos your co-workers send in forwarded e-mails.


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