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How to Finish in First Over the Long Haul

Judging by all of the bleary eyes and the amount of coffee being consumed this morning, I’m guessing a few people were up last night for some sort of event. For those executives who prefer their drama in real-life doses, the stock market continues to strike tremors of fear with U.S. stock futures dropping lower.

Market turbulence always brings speculation about how to make a business endure through difficult times. The cycle used to have more predictability. What makes the current business environment difficult is the sudden surges and drop-offs. As we’ve seen in previous summaries, such as Predictable Results in Unpredictable Times, Chaotics, and Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty, companies continue to look for a way to navigate the rapid shifts and maintain a dominant position in the marketplace.

One author whose advice we found very compelling is Peter Navarro, author of Always a Winner: Finding Your Competitive Advantage in  an Up and Down Economy.

Navarro will be our next guest on Soundview Live. The event, “How to Make Your Company Recession Resistant,” will take place Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at Noon (Eastern). For more information on how you can join this interactive Webinar, visit us online at And don’t forget, subscribers attend Soundview Live for FREE.


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