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Forecasting to Survive the Storm

I’ve always had an interest in the field of meteorology. I think there are too many people who dismiss this serious science as “guesswork” performed by a news anchor with a digital remote and a brilliant smile. I also can’t imagine a profession where people constantly make requests as though one has the ability to control the elements. Having said that, an informed, accurate forecast is a necessity when trying to plan anything.

The same can be said in the business world. The ability to accurately predict and maneuver through the business cycle is a task that can save a company a small fortune. It’s a practice that should never involve any guesswork. With the turbulence we’ve experienced in the economy during the past few years, predicting the business cycle is the equivalent of forecasting a hurricane followed by a blizzard followed by a hailstorm. Fortunately, our next guest on Soundview Live offers listeners a system of techniques that can help businesses navigate any storm.

Peter Navarro, author of Always a Winner: Finding Your Competitive Advantage in an Up and Down Economy, will present a series of tactics to help your company become recession resistant. Navarro has been described as an international authority on the competitive management of the business cycle. Navarro is unique in his ability to help businesses create as much success during difficult national economic times as during times of great economic prosperity.

Soundview Live takes to the airwaves tomorrow, June 8 at Noon (Eastern). As always, subscribers can attend this event for FREE. Where else can you get this sort of business insight from a top author for no charge? Wherever you’ll be listening to Soundview Live tomorrow, I’m confident in stating that the forecast calls for great insights with a mix of thought-provoking conversation.

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