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Another Battle in the E-Book War

If you follow Soundview on Twitter (and really, why wouldn’t you?), you probably look forward to the regular E-Book News feature. It’s a great way to stay up to date on the latest in e-publishing. One of the big stories this week involved the price drop on e-reading devices by both Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The news of the steep price cuts made waves throughout the industry and hit the blogosphere with a bit of force.

One of the more interesting comments on the continuing e-book war came from technology blogger Om Malik. As I read his column about Amazon’s potential to win the e-book market, I became curious about how the average reader is using the technologies available now. So, I thought I’d ask:

If you are a Kindle user, are you still using the device? Malik states in his blog that he’s swapped the device for the Kindle app on the iPad instead. However, he notes that he still uses Amazon for his e-book downloads rather than Apple’s iBook store. If you’re using the Barnes & Noble Nook, how do you feel about the price drop? Are you interested in the Wi-Fi capabilities of the new Nook?

As I considered my own thoughts on the competition in the e-reader market, I returned to one small, but vital, fact in the Publishers Weekly story: “In addition to lowering the price of the Kindle 2 from $259 to $189, Amazon is selling the device at all of Target’s 1740 stores around the country, the first time the device has been for sale at a retailer other than Amazon.”

Soundview is currently working on a summary of author Kevin Maney’s book Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On and Others Don’t. In the book, Maney discusses the decision to offer fidelity (high quality at a high price) versus convenience (readily available for mass consumption but without mystique). By lowering the price and selling the Kindle through Target stores, Amazon is taking a giant leap toward convenience, something that may help win the e-book war.

Speaking of convenience, while the e-reader manufacturers are busy battling it out, Soundview continues to offer its product in eight (that’s right, eight!) digital formats. Visit us at to learn more and stay alert for an announcement about the Trade-Off summary.


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