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Debunking an E-Reader Myth

This week The Washington Post covered a story that was particularly relevant to us at Soundview. The piece originated in PC World magazine and put the spotlight on a study suggesting decreased (or slower) comprehension of material read on an e-reading device. The study, conducted by a product development consulting firm called The Nielsen Norman Group, is, in my opinion, a brutal misrepresentation of the positive impact of e-readers. It borders on guesswork disguised as science.

Full credit goes to PC World for calling into question the disputable “facts” of Nielsen Norman’s flimsy research. As the magazine points out, the so-called study involved a whopping 24 people who described themselves as “avid” readers. The claims made by the study are baseless and should be dismissed outright by any rational reader. With the amount of doom and gloom in the Nielsen Norman report, I half expected to read that e-readers were the cause of any number of natural disasters.

I thought the reporter did a great job of extolling the business benefits of an e-reader, regardless of the brand. The digital reading revolution continues to reshape the traditional world of publishing. One of the best points in the story is the storage potential of certain devices. When you purchase one of Soundview’s Premium Subscriptions, you gain access to our massive archive of digital summaries. This means you can read summaries of the best business books stretching back to the year 2000. A decade’s worth of knowledge at your fingertips is a business tool that anyone would want to possess.


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