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Are You In The Biz?

Do you believe that good things or bad things come in sets of three? Let’s think positive and say that good things appear in groups of three. I bring this up because Soundview is now offering a third FREE e-newsletter: BizBook Review. This weekly e-newsletter provides readers with in-depth coverage of recently released business books. It’s a great way to keep up with titles that you may have missed.

BizBook Review solves a problem that many readers experience. The volume of business books, thanks in large part to independent publishers and e-publishers, has increased. Meanwhile the amount of time a person has to devote to reading has decreased. You want to make sure that you select only the most worthwhile business books, the books you know will deliver interesting and applicable takeaways. BizBook Review gives you the insight to help make your reading selection process a little more simple.

Sign-ups are starting now at Make sure you visit the site and click the tab on the home page labeled “Free E-Newsletters” to sign up and get your weekly delivery of BizBook Review.

Don’t forget, BizBook Review joins our roster of FREE e-newsletters, including Soundview Leadership Alert and Soundview Executive Book Alert.


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