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Spend Time with The Sales Gurus

In our current economic climate, every dollar is crucial to the bottom-line. Is your organization looking for a way to connect with more potential customers, overcome obstacles and close more sales? There are so many resources that claim to help boost your sales. How can you sort through them all? It can cause the average executive to suffer from information overload. Plus, the expense of trying to attend a sales seminar, not to mention the time away from the phone or the prospect’s office, can make sales training prohibitive for many companies.

Imagine if there was a way to schedule a session of private instruction from some of the brightest minds in sales. What would it cost for one ticket to a forum filled with speakers who bring decades of insight, wisdom and proven sales success?

How does less than $30 (U.S.) sound?

Portfolio and Soundview Executive Book Summaries are proud to present The Sales Gurus: Lessons from the Best Sales Books of All Time. This new release collects 18 essential summaries of the most important sales books in recent history. You’ll get the opportunity to read performance-boosting tips from best-selling authors such as Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, John C. Maxwell, Tom Hopkins and many more!

The Sales Gurus is a one-stop sales information resource. The book covers topics such as prospecting, overcoming objections, making presentations and coaching. There are even summaries for sales managers, including sales metrics titles such as The Dollarization Discipline and Making the Number. What could be better to have with you on the flight to visit your next potential customer?

The Sales Gurus takes its place alongside two previous collaborations with Portfolio: The Marketing Gurus and The Management Gurus. Now with The Sales Gurus all the areas of your organization have access to Gurus just for them.

Don’t delay! Order your copy of The Sales Gurus: Lessons from the Best Sales Books of All Time today and send your sales figures soaring! It’s available in both hardback and as an e-book!


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