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Blu-Ray: Flourish or Vanish?

It seems like technology battles occur with more frequency than in previous years. In fact, I had a friend send me a funny quote on the subject. She e-mailed me a list of random postings on a blog. One of them read, “Can we all agree that the format that eventually replaces DVD will be the last one we ever use? I’m getting tired of having to re-purchase my entire movie collection every few years.”

As it stands, Blu-Ray discs appear to be the successor to DVDs. However, it wasn’t that long ago that we stood on the verge of another technology decision between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. What leads one technology to rise and another to fall? This question is the subject of a new book summarized by Soundview. In Trade-Off: Why Some Things Catch On, and Others Don’t, author Kevin Maney looks at the differentiating factors between success and failure in the marketplace.

If you’re a Soundview subscriber, you’ll be able to read Trade-Off, as well as listen to an exclusive interview with Maney. The interview, like the summary itself, contains some surprising revelations, including Maney’s comment on Blu-Ray technology. Maney questions whether or not the technology will escape the “fidelity belly,” a term for a product or service that offers neither a high fidelity experience or a very convenient experience.

Sign up for a subscription today and hear this exclusive interview and find out why Maney thinks Blu-Ray will have trouble escaping the fidelity belly.


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