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Building Readers Godin Style

I subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog, along with over 400,000 others, I’m told.

Seth Godin has found a unique way to speak and connect with people –– and to inspire them. And he continues to fine-tune the way he builds relationships with them. Godin’s energy to always push for the remarkable has sometimes left our heads spinning and yet we have always been fans –– summarizing and/or reviewing his books Purple Cow, The Moo, The Dip, Meatball Sundae, Tribes and most recently, Linchpin. Last week, in his blog “Movin On” Godin declared that Linchpin will be the last book he will publish in a traditional way.

He said, “Traditional book publishers use techniques perfected a hundred years ago to help authors reach unknown readers, using a stable technology (books) and an antique and expensive distributions system – The thing is … now I know who my readers are.”

In an interview in the Wall Street Journal (Aug. 24), Godin is quoted as saying “Publishers provide a huge resource to authors who don’t know who reads their books. What the Internet has done for me and a lot of others is enable me to know my readers.” The article reports that Mr. Godin plans to release subsequent titles himself in electronic books, via print-on-demand or in such formats as audiobooks, apps, small digital files and podcasts.

Godin said in his blog that his mission is to figure out who the audience is, and take them where they want and need to go, in whatever format works, even if it’s not a traditionally published book.

Yeah, head spinning but, as always, thought-provoking.

For an interesting perspective on whether “To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish,” check out Boyd Morrison’s article in The Huffington Post.


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