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Courage, Greatness and Your Business

It’s easy to admire someone for his or her business accomplishments. Magazines tout the visionaries who lead both the traditional brand superpowers and the up-and-coming houses of innovation. The press also enjoys shining the spotlight on “rock star” CEOs whose personalities often enhance an already prolific amount of business intelligence.

However, from time to time, we hear about someone whose bravery extends beyond the boardroom. The other day I was reading Brian Tracy’s blog and I found myself struck by the power of his simple message. Tracy, for those that aren’t aware, has been battling throat cancer over the past several months, a point he addresses in this blog post. For all of his achievments as a strategist, consultant, author and business visionary, one of his finest moments may be his taming of a very serious illness with equal parts courage and positivity.

I can admit here that Soundview had been in contact with Tracy during the period of his treatment. He spoke with determination and had an upbeat attitude the entire time. Despite undergoing treatment, Tracy gladly spoke of his book Now Build a Great Business. This book and its inspiring contents will be the subject of an upcoming edition of Soundview Live!

Tracy will speak on the topic of “Seven Ways to Maximize Your Profits.” I had the opportunity to review some of the material during our planning sessions, and I can honestly say that Tracy’s perspective amazes me. I really hope you can join us on Tuesday, September 21 at Noon (Eastern) for the next installment of Soundview Live. You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to ask Brian questions about your business, a value to which the thousands of organizations with whom Brian has worked can attest.

Don’t forget, if you’re a Soundview subscriber, you get to attend Soundview Live for FREE!


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