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What Makes a Great Career

How often during the course of a year do see an article about job satisfaction? While no one would ever say that there is an upside to our current economic situation, it is interesting to note that times of economic hardship can sometimes quell the discussion of happiness on the job. In tough times, any job appears to be a great job.

However, there are those that would argue that even economic hardship is no excuse to stay in a job that doesn’t bring satisfaction. After all, in the relationship between a dissatisfied worker and his or her employer, neither side is truly getting what it wants. Wouldn’t  it be more satisfying to have a career that not only brought personal satisfaction but also helped a company to achieve its goals? Nothing should prevent an individual from attempting to find this type of career now. Why wait another day?

Fortunately, one of Soundview’s newest summaries addresses this idea. Our long-time friend Stephen R. Covey and co-author Jennifer Colosimo provide a must-read guidebook to finding one’s way to a better, more fulfilling career in the Soundview summary of Great Work, Great Career: How to Create Your Ultimate Job and Make an Extraordinary Contribution. If you’ve ever wanted to go beyond the traditional role of employee and find your way to your ultimate job, this summary is a great place to start!

If you’re not currently a Soundview subscriber, Great Work, Great Career is a terrific reason to start a subscription. Don’t forget, all of Soundview’s summaries are available in eight digital formats.


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